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Nebula's Homepage
latest versions
Nebula: 2.25b
Model 2 Emulator: 1.1a
CPS3 Emulator: 1.0a
CPX3 (CPS3 Emu for XBox): 1.0a
Crystal System Emulator: 1.2
xKaraPlay: 0.1
Nebula Jukebox: 2.25b
Welcome to the Nebula official Web page.

NEBULA is an emulator for the hardware found in the CAPCOM CPS2 boards. The games that use this hardware include Super Street Fighter, Street Fighter (Alpha, Zero, Alpha 2, etc), games with Marvel characters and Dungeons & Dragons series.

In order to play these games, you'll need the ROM images of the board and also a decryption table for these ROMs. You'll not find any ROM links in this page. You'll only find links to the decryption tables for these games.

NEBULA is free and can be freely distributed as long as it is not packaged along with ROMs.
Nebula's Homepage
  Model 2 emulator 1.1a Posted by ElSemi 2/1/14  

Usual "a" release fixing bugs.

- Added back the game options that were removed in the previous version due to compilation issues (Cheats & options, dump texture cache, reload LUA script)
- Fixed texture replacement that was also removed.
- Diferent alpha filtering code that should improve the extra lines in some textures.

  Model 2 emulator 1.1 Posted by ElSemi 1/1/14  

Update after long time silent. This is a version that has been sitting in my HD for some years.

- Fixed sound output only outputting mono audio
- Added customizable pixel shader for texture replacement (see model2lua.txt)
- Fixed Emulator->Exit not saving configuration
- The emulator will now try to use pixel shader 2.0 when pixel shader 3.0 is unavailable
- Added Full screen antialiasing (fsaa=1 in emulator.ini)
- Fixed some 3D errors in dynamite cop causing low res textures to be used
- Fixed texture replacement when two textures share the same tag data

  Model 2 emulator 1.0 Posted by ElSemi 31/12/10  

Finally the 1.0 version :).

- Finally fixed VF2 hair problems, now all graphics are correct.
- Added LUA script support for options, cheats and other uses (check model2lua.txt in SCRIPTS folder)
- Added texture replacement support (check model2lua.txt in SCRIPTS folder)
- Added widescreen support (needs per-game lua scripts to know when to enable it). Requires a wide fullscreen resolution or WideScreenWindow set in emulator.ini
- Fixed texture border detection for textures that caused wrong colors & pixelation on borders
- Simplified pixel shaders (half the texture fetches)
- Improved House of the dead FM sound
- Fixed VF2 wrong sound speeds
- Fixed background distortion on Dural stage in VF2
- Added STCC Euro
- Added Sonic the fighters.
- Fixed Virtual On missing background color on title screen
- Rewritten SCSP code for improved accuracy
- Fixed ATI video card gfx problems
- Fixed audio stuttering on some windows 7 machines
- Added Sega Rally Championship rev B

  Model 2 emulator 0.9 Posted by ElSemi 29/01/08  

Lots of changes in this version:
- Fixed TGP emulation bugs and added missing opcodes. Virtua Fighter 2 and Virtua Cop 2 are now
playable. There is still a bug with VF2 hair/body collisions, probably another TGP bug, but it's
quite hard to find...
- Fixed I960 bug that caused daytona invisible walls/holes in the road.
- Fixed timer bug that caused missing hair in Fighting vipers, tails in sonic and slow cars in
Sega Rally (although they still don't work properly).
- Added support for "return to neutral". Enable it with HoldGears=1 option in emulator.ini. This
setting will cause the emu to return to neutral when no gear button is pressed.
- Redone rasterizer color decoding and texture mapping. Now it works the same way the real hardware
does, performing all the same table lookups and calculations, so color should be accurate now. The
color decoding is now done at pixel shader level so you'll need a PS 2.0 capable video card in order
to run the emulator now.
- Fixed white borders in some transparent textures.
- Redone texture caching code. Improved dirty texture detection. Fixes wrong textures in some
games when a new texture overlaps partially with an existing one.
- Changed ManxTT sound roms to the Twin ones. The previous romset was using the Deluxe ones that
have 2 sound boards. Fixes the "japanese speech when braking" bug :).Set the machine to Twin.
- Added 2 mice support for shooting games. Enable it with RawInput=1 in emulator.ini. Read some
other options there to tell the emu how to map a mouse to a player. When using RawInput the mouse
will be locked to the emulator window. In order to switch to another window, either press Alt to
bring the menu and unlock the mouse or use Alt-Tab to switch to another application.
- Fixed Alt key not activating the window menu.
- Fixed MB86235 bug when handling denormalized numbers that caused top skater and overrev lock the
emu sometimes.
- Fixed corrupt textures sometimes when loading a savestate
- Fixed frameskipping bug that caused some data not being updated in the TGP memory when
frameskipping (daytona windows not updating windows after entering/leaving the tunnel)
- Added an option to hide the crosshair in shooting games (DrawCross=0 in emulator.ini)
- Fixed Daytona to the maxx rom loading that caused wrong and missing graphics.
- Improved FM emulation support to the SCSP for some HOTD tunes requiring it.
- Fixed various bugs in the new MultiPCM sound emulation, causing some wrong loops and sounds.
- Fixed meshed transparencies size. Now they will scale to the selected resolution.
- Fixed specular highlights calculation.
- Added Daytona USA '93 edition and Daytona USA: GTX 2004.
- Added Rail Chase 2
- Added Virtua Cop 2
- Added Virtua Fighter 2, Rev A, Rev B and 2.1
- Added Sega Water Ski. The current sound rom dump seems to be bad so the game will run without
sound. This game will start in Japan region mode. To change the region, enter Test menu (F2) and
press the sequence up,up,down,down,service (f1),test (f2)
- Added Indianapolis 500 Rev A
- Changed romsets to match MAME as much as possible.

  Model 2 emulator 0.8a Posted by ElSemi 24/06/08  

Here is the usual (a) version fixing bugs in the previous release :)

- Fixed missing trigger buttons in gun games
- Fixed desert tank locked into test mode
- Improved main cpu/sound cpu sync in Model2 Original games.

  Model 2 emulator 0.8 Posted by ElSemi 23/06/08  

- Rewritten the MultiPCM sound chip emulation. It fixes Original Model2 games sounds and music.
- Fixed eye paremeters being read as unsigned by the display list parser, causing bad geometry
in daytona 4 players attract and sega rally 2 players attract.
- Fixed network board detection for sgt24h and overrev. Now you don't need to enable network to
have them boot.
- Adjusted daytona steering limits to the real machine limits (according to the service manual). It should
have a more accurate handling now.
- Added force feedback for car driving games. You need to enable it in the .ini using the
option EnableFF=1 in the Input section. You can tweak more force parameters in that section. Also some
games only enable the force feedback if the cabinet type is set to Deluxe in the test mode.
- Added XInput support. You can enable XInput support in the .ini in the Input section. XInput allows direct
access to XBox360 compatible controllers for vibration (they don't support vibration through DirectInput).
Keep in mind that the windows XInput libraries only support vibration force feedback so an XBox360 driving
controller won't have working force effects.
- Added optional meshed polygons for translucency (like the hardware does). Enable it with
MeshTransparency=1 in the ini. This option requires a Pixel Shader 3 capable videocard.
- Fixed HOTD rom loading that caused missing tilemap graphics (how to play, map on gameover).
- Added preliminary savestates support. The sound engine state is not being saved yet. I've added this so I can
ask for states to try to fix the invisible walls problem in daytona.

  Model 2 emulator 0.7a Posted by ElSemi 04/06/08  

Fixed network code not fully working (I accidentally left a part disabled in the last build).
Improved daytona video & sound sync.

  Model 2 emulator 0.7 Posted by ElSemi 03/06/08  

More accurate emulation of some TGP by using the data tables from the mainboard. You'll need these
table roms in or inside the game zip. Thanks to Peabo for the donation of a Daytona board
that helped to understand how they worked. This has fixed most of the bugs in daytona usa (reverse and most
invisble wall hits) and sega rally (automatic transmission).
Improved color table decoding that gives more bright colors for some games.
Improved SCSP timing. It should be more accurate and musics should not sound out of sync anymore. As a
bonus feature I've left in a debug sound player that allows you to load a SSF (Saturn Sound Format) file
for playing. To use it, load a game using SCSP (model 2a,b or c) and enter test mode (so it doesn't send
sound commands) then press LeftControl+F5 and choose the ssf file to play.
Improved clipping. By moving to vertex/pixel shaders I've got rid of all the clipping issues that happened
with ATI video cards and recent NVIDIA ones. Remember to remove set SoftwareVertexProcessing to 0. You'll need
a pixel shader 1.1 and vertex shader 1.1 capable card. It's the lowest shader version so any video should work. As
a side effect of this change, there is only a geometrizer now, so the Geometrizer opion in the ini file is not used.
Fixed problems with textures ending in the lowest line of the texture sheet not being uploaded to direct3d (sega
rally black background in 2nd stage and topskater missing floors).
Added Wave Runner (Model 2C)
Added support for direct3d automimpap generation (see emulator.ini AutoMip option)
Added network emulation (see NETWORK section below)

  Model 2 emulator 0.6 Posted by ElSemi 03/01/08  

So many changes that I can't remember...Lighting fixes, control fixes, sound fixes...
ManxTT is working, but sound is broken.
Merged some features from the cps3 emu (vsync, custom fullscreen res,...)

NOTE: To get past of ManxTT Active Motion Slider screen, enter test mode (F2) and then exit. You'll have to do this every
time yo boot the game. To avoid that, enter test mode and set the cabinet type to Twin. That will disable the drive board check

  CPX3 v1.0a Posted by ElSemi 24/08/07  

In case you don't visit the XBOX (original xbox, not X360) news sites, I'd like to announce
the release of my Capcom System 3 (CPS3) emulator for XBOX.
It's a port of CPS3 Emulator to XBOX with a nice fullscreen GUI that is able to run
most of the CPS3 games at full framerate.
The XBOX system CPU is just barely enough to run the CPS3 emulation, so some
optimizations have been included, and the shadow emulation is not accurate, because
the correct emulation doesn't work at full speed in the XBOX CPU.
Also in order to make the games fit in the small XBOX RAM (64MB) , the emu makes use of
virtual memory, using a swap file in the hard disk, so it can show some hiccups when a lot
of data has to be moved from hard disk to memory (stage changes, flashing images,...)
Since the emulator is built with the XDK, I can't provide a direct link for it, but you can find
it at the usual XBOX Binaries sites.

  CPS3 Emulator v1.0a Posted by ElSemi 15/07/07  

Fixed CHD reading for the Alt Versions
Fixed Jojoalt rom 10 CRC, it was loading the one from the parent jojo set.
Fixed crashing in sfiii3 when Ken finishes Makoto with neutral throw (kicks). It's
actually a bug in the game (fixed in sfiii3a). In the real board it would cause an address
error (misaligned jump) and would reset the machine due to watchdog. In the emu it will just
freeze the game because there is not watchdog, just hit F3 to restart the game.
Fixed Jojo games damage level. It was a core bug in the ADDC (add with carry) opcode, so it
could be causing problems in other games too.
Added support for joypads with more than 8 buttons.
Re-enabled the Unload Rom button, I disabled it because it fails more times than works, but
there is some people that actually used it, so I've enabled it again.

  CPS3 Emulator v1.0 Posted by ElSemi 08/07/07  

This is the final version of the CPS3 emulator.

It adds transparency effects (not actual transparency, but
well it looks like that :) ), although it's not fully understood yet.

Fixed palette transformation for flashes, and fadein/outs, now
blacks properly fade to white.

Fixed crashes in some zoomin ending sequences in SF3 games.

Fixed a 1 pixel offset in the framebuffer that was causing a 1 pixel
column problem in the left side of the screen sometimes.

Added support for Nebula external video plugins (there is some source
code and the interface documents in the plugins folder).

Added CHD (MAME's compressed Hard Disks CD Images) support. Just put
the .chd files in the CHD folder in the main directory (sorry, no path
selection for it). And the bios (or the full roms zip) romsets in
the ROMS directory. When loading a CHD romset, the emulator will run
the entire startup sequence so it will take a while to boot (early games
just have a black screen) while the bios waits for the cd to spin up.
You don't need to go through the flashrom rewritting sequence, although
you can see how it looks (just for fun, as it doesn't actually write
anything) by going to Test menu and selecting "Game Rewrite". Using CHDs
doesn't have an actual benefit (except for seeing the exact startup
sequence of the game machine) apart from being able to run Warzard in
any region because Warzard always checks the cd ingame unless it's set to
asia, so by having the real CD emulation through CHD, you can run it in
any region).

  CPS3 Emulator Preview 3 Test version Posted by ElSemi 28/06/07  

This is a preview version of my CPS3 emulator. Here you
can see the current work-in-progress state of the emulation.

New features emulated:
Palette fadein/out
Sean stage special tile compression
Proper sprite/tilemap alignment
Proper priority handling

The CPS3 emulation is almost complete. Only the shadow/blending
emulation is missing. There is a preliminary emulation for it
that works partially with the shadows, but is not correct in some
other places (warzard sword effects for example).

I've added savestates support. To make a savestate, first select
the slot with CTRL+number (in the main keyboard, not in the keypad)
then press F11 twice (it's done that way so you don't accidentally
delete a working state). To load a savestate, select the slot and
then press F10.

I've added an option to set a custom fullscreen resolution in the
.ini file (FullScreenWidth,FullScreenHeight). You must enable
it setting Video->Fullscreen Resolution->Custom. Using a resolution
that is not supported by your video card will cause the emulator to

  • CPS3 Emulator Test Version 3. I'm not including the MultiCPU version as it causes some graphics glitches and if you have a dual core CPU,
    then you have enough power to run the standard version.
  CPS3 Emulator Preview 2 Test version Posted by ElSemi 20/06/07  

This is a preview version of my CPS3 emulator. Here you
can see the current work-in-progress state of the emulation.

I've fixed some problems in the emulation:
Color palettes seem right now
Fullscreen Zoom
Sprite Zoom

The priorities have improved but they aren't fully right yet (mainly in jojo games).
Shadow/alpha is still missing.
Linezoom is missing, but I haven't found a single place where it's used.
Sean stage in sf3ng doesn't crash now, but shows garbage in the bg.

I've added an entry to the ini so you can switch the region (except for
warzard that it won't boot unless region is Asia)

I've also tried to fix some problems that people were having with
some old and integrated graphics chipsets. Probably some problems
have been fixed, but there might still be some around.
You can now also try to fix the renderer to the vsync of your monitor
with an option in the ini file (ForceSync).

  • CPS3 Emulator Test Version 2. This package includes both the normal and MultiCPU versions exes.
    If you have graphics problems and are using the MultiCPU version, try with the standard version

    UPDATE: I've noticed that I disabled the image filtering in fullscreen. I've updated the package with an exe that works like the old version
    you can get the unfiltered version by setting FilterTilemaps=0 in the ini.
  CPS3 Emulator Preview Test version Posted by ElSemi 20/06/07  

This is a preview version of my CPS3 emulator. Here you
can see the current work-in-progress state of the emulation.

There are still a lot of missing features to emulate properly
so don't report any emulation errors yet. The missing features
include (and the effect caused by them missing) :

Sprite Zoom: you'll see the sprite tiles (squares) not being properly aligned or with gaps
Fullscreen Zoom: Sometimes it seems like the camera is not pointing to the action
Per-tile palette selection: some colors (a lot in some games) are wrong
Priorities: objects that are over the background when they should appear behind
Linescroll: Floor 3D effect missing. SF32ndi scrolling letters in intro missing.
Linezoom: I don't know where is it used :)

  Model 2 emulator 0.5a Posted by ElSemi 29/05/07  

This is a small bugfix release:
Fixed (hopefully at last) the analog wraparound bug.
Fixed wrong colour table translation in vcop madium and expert levels.

Added a couple of useful features:
Launch game from commandline (just add the driver name. ex: Emulator.exe stcc)
Auto-switch to fullscreen after game loading (the option is in the Video menu)

  Model 2 emulator 0.5 Posted by ElSemi 24/05/07  

This release fixes several playability bugs in Daytona USA (analog controls wraparound and windows disappearing when going to fullscreen) and adds a new playable game: Motor Raid.
It also contains a modified color lookup table processing that improves the colors in the original model 2 games (daytona, vcop and dtank).
The emulator now includes a nice icon and background image, thanks to jordigahan and Peabo for them.

  Model 2 emulator 0.4 Posted by ElSemi 03/04/07  

Here is it: The Model 2 Emulator supporting some Model 2 and Model 2 A-CRX boards (Daytona anyone? :) ).
This version of the emulator includes a preliminary emulation of the Fujitsu MB86234 DSP present in these boards.
Keep in mind that the emulation is still preliminary, as there is no documentation on this chip, and it has been done
by reverse engineering the binary programs and comparing with the model 2B and 2C programs and the MAME Model 1
HLE. I'd like to thank Olivier Galibert and Ernesto Corvi for their help in making possible this DSP emulation.

Check the include README.TXT for instructions (especially how to set Daytona to Standalone machine as Multiplayer is
not implemented) and known emulation bugs in the games.

  Nebula 2.25b Posted by ElSemi 18/02/07  

While I finish nebula 2.26, here is a quick update to thank the people that donated me a PGM mainboard and the cart to extract the Knights of Valour Super Heroes internal protection program. Thanks to the people at BOBO KOV WORLD ( for the donation and happy new chinese year to everyone!!.

  • PGM

    • Added Knights of Valour Super Heroes. Thanks to KOFBOBO and the rest
      of peole in BOBO KOV WORLD ( for the donation
      of a PGM motherboard and game Cart for kovsh to extract the protection program.

    • Added Martial Masters

    • Added The Killing Blade (only Rev 109 works)

    • Added internal protection program for Photoy2k, removed simulation..


    • Fixed kof2002 and Matrimelee driversin boards

  • CPS 1

    • Fixed CPSQ & CPS_Extra dat files.


    • Added some cheats, transparency tables and tracklists.


  model 2 emulator 0.3 multiCPU experimental Posted by ElSemi 11/02/07  

This is an experimental Model 2 emulator build using multithreaded code for parallel CPU, GPU and Sound emulation.
It's designed to have a huge performance boost in Multi-Core CPUs (Dual Core and Core Duo) as it will allow the emulator to use both cores in parallel.
As a bonus, this emulator contains an experimental recompiler SCSP DSP emulation.

  model 2 emulator 0.3 Posted by ElSemi 22/08/06  

After more than 2 years without updates here is a new version of my Model 2 Emulator. The main changes are all speed related. The emu should be faster now. Also it now supports Frameskip and AutoFrameskip. This will probably be the last version of the emulator unless some Fujitsu TGP MB86234 docs appear to finish the emulation of the 2 and 2A cores.

  • Model 2 Emulator v0.3

  nebula 2.25 Posted by ElSemi 10/09/05  

After some time without updates. I've finally put together a new version of Nebula emulator. Get it from the downloads page.


  • Updated drivers. Thanks to Wesker, MR-J and the rest of people
    in boards
  • Unlocked games up to New Power Instinct Matrimelee
  • Fixed garou raster effect missing in pre-battle talk
  • Added proper neopcm2 decryption.


  • Some code has been rewritten to improve compatibility. Now
    more games should work (although there are still some problems).
  • Added an option in the Emulation menu for direct load of neocd ISO
    or CD.


  • Added Knights of Valour 2 and Knights of Valour 2: Nine Dragons. Thanks
    to HappyASR for the help getting the dump of the internal cartridge
    cpu program. Due to the extra processor required to emulate, the game
    will require a more powerful PC to run. Also savestates won't work.
    (Internet ranking mode for kof2nd has been intentionally disabled).
  • Music speed in kov2/kov2nd is a bit off.
  • Fixed wrong sprite zoom and shrinking (required for kov2nd)
  • Fixed sprite priorities handling (required for kov2 & kof2nd)
  • Added protection for PhotoY2k.


  • Updated drivers. Thanks to Wesker, MR-J and the rest of people
    in board

The contact address and form don't work anymore. They are flooded with spam so I've cancelled them. They haven't been working for the last 8 or 9 months so if you sent any message in that time, it will have been lost. I'll setup a new address shortly so don't use the contact form yet.

  crystal system emulator 1.2 Posted by ElSemi 29/15/05  

Yet another version of the emulator :) (I hope the last one for some time). I've fixed some remaining protection issues in Evolution Soccer (hang on continue screen) and also the wrong palette in some screens. I think there are no remaining bugs in the emulation of both games.

  • Crystal System Emulator v1.2